Queen St South and Firth St

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Added by John Lewis

"What am I supposed to do here?" is the frequent response by cyclists when they encounter this example of how NOT to design a piece of cycle infrastructure.
It confuses and is of little help to the cyclist.
When coming on carriageway from Colne Rd and turning into Firth St it is best avoided altogether.
When coming down Queen St South and turning into Firth St it is also best avoided (dangerous not to).
When coming down Queen St South and wanting to access the footbridge over the Colne river there is some merit in manoeuvring oneself into the tight little island BUT:
1. It could be designed so much better. AND
2.The pavement route and the zebra crossing which follow, all need to be sorted out so that EVERYONE - cyclists, pedestrians, motorists all know exactly what they are supposed to be doing and all parties can use their respective routes simply and safely. The pavement route is not good enough at the moment. It probably needs a protected contra flow route using some go the existing carriageway. (Photos will be added in the next week or so)



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